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Welcome to Rising of the Moon! - Read from left to right. [western way] - Shounen-ai/boy love. Don't like that stuff.. sorry. [doubt it since this site thrives off it.] - <3<3 - creator of the comic 'Makai' & 'Pink Tentacle'.

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RotM - Always
RotM - Always

RotM contest!

Rising of the Moon Contest!

Yes, we're having a contest. I know it's a bit early, but don't worry we won't have a deadline for a while. It's going to be a fanart contest, just draw any of my characters. I don't mind how you draw them just have fun with it!

Deadline: End of Feb.

Judges: Myself, and Insect Eyes.

Entries: There's no limit on how many entries you send in. Please send them in to me in PM. Insect eyes and myself we'll check them throughly before finding a winner. Winner will be announced on RotM page!

Prizes: The first place winner will win a peice of Art from me of any of the RotM characters doing whatever you please. Second place would win a sketch of any of the RotM characters doing whatever you please.

Hey guys!

Thanks for all of the support! I'm still thinking of good days to update this. So far, i've been trying to update everyday, but i'm not sure if I could keep that up. So, I'm thinking of every other day. :D Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy RotM so far!

P.S. Please check the 'about' section. I'll be putting up character profiles soon! Thanks again.

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