As many of you'd like to know, this is a short summary of what Rising of the Moon is about. If you'd like to know more you'd have to read for sure:

Rising of the Moon is about twins, hidden and kept away from society. Both of them are sacrifices for a clan who needs them to bring back their prohecy. The sacrifices are needed every 15 years to bring the prohecy back. The twos have been sheltered for so long that they are over 3 years late to finding them.

There are spies sent from the clan to find the twins, they don't know if they are boys or girls, how they look, or anything about them. They only know that they have a certain birthmark letting them know who the sacrifices are.

They need BOTH of them to do the sacrifice, if they are seperated it's very difficult to do it. OR if one of them dies they have to wait another 15 years to find the twins.

Read more of the comic to find out what happens!


A huge credit for the making of this comic must go to a close friend of mine, Ari. 'Cause without her, Quinn and Faolan and many of the other characters in this story wouldn't have been created. Most of Quinn's, Edan, and Alana's dialogue comes from her. <3<3

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